What to include in the nomination package:

1. Tombstone data

  • Nominee’s contact information
  • Nominee’s IABC Chapter
  • Link to nominee’s LinkedIn profile (optional)

2.  Narrative

  • Describe the nominee’s contribution to the organizational communication field and profession.
  • Describe the nominee’s leadership to the organizational communication field and profession.
  • List the nominee’s communication-related career achievements. Emphasize demonstrable results of the nominee’s communication efforts, scope of responsibilities, advancements, accreditation, recognition (e.g., awards), education and length of time in the profession.
  • List books, articles, columns, research papers, seminars, workshops, keynotes, courses (traditional or online), blogs and podcasts (for non-IABC outlets). For academic nominees, please also include any professorships and other academic distinctions.
  • Describe the nominee’s contributions to IABC.

The nominations are assessed by a committee, using a rubric published in the Nomination Guide (guide published each spring).

Tips on How to Prepare a Master Communicator Nomination

A successful nomination tells the story of a communicator who has demonstrated excellence in his or her professional work, outstanding service to and leadership in IABC, contribution to and long-term support for the communication profession, and thought leadership.

  • Pay close attention to the requirements on page 4 of the Nomination Guide; be sure to address every section and stay within the required word count for each.
  • Working with your nominee, recruit four sponsors who will write a letter of recommendation, one each focusing on the following topics:
    • Contribution to and leadership in organizational communication;
    • Career achievement;
    • Authorship, speaking, and lecturing, and;
    • Contributions to IABC.
  • All letters of recommendation should focus on your nominee’s alignment with IABC brand values and personality.
  • Nominations will be evaluated using the rubric adopted from IABC Fellows International program and written feedback will be given to all candidates.
  • Note the word count for each section is limited.
  • Your nominee must be a member of IABC Canada, and either accredited (ABC) or certified (SCMP).