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Communicators, it’s time to get wired

Read this article by Jeff Zwier, he is an a strategic communications leader and consultant helping organizations navigate change and implement leading-edge communications technologies. He has been featured as a speaker at global communications conferences as well as at several past IABC Chicago events. We can all agree that technology is transforming the way we work. Many [...]

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Practical research without surveys

Read this article by Angela Sinickas, ABC, IABC Fellow. She is CEO of Sinickas Communications Inc with 40 years of experience in organizational communication.    You know you should be measuring communication, but you have no budget, no time—and no permission to pester your audience with questions. Stop looking at those as barriers and learn [...]

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How to use technology to do more with less

The digital age has transformed the way in which we as communicators do business. Evolving technology helps us create and send messages, stay in contact and network with other professionals, and also stay engaged with our employees. But does this explosion of digital technology live up to its expectations and help us do our jobs [...]

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Feedback: Are You A Resilient Communicator?

Learn how you can build your resilience as a communicator, by Kristy Dixon   A reality of being a communications professional is that we receive a lot of feedback. For example, your latest media release may have five iterations, a technical infographic you helped create could require twice as many changes, and who knows how [...]

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The U.S. election showed us that we need to listen more carefully on social media

Post by Todd Grossman on the Communication World Magazine website (IABC International)   Donald Trump is the new president of the United States, but oddly, everyone seems confused as to how it happened. Pollsters, journalists, academics, you name it were (almost) all calling for a Hillary Clinton victory in last week’s election, with many believing [...]

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What good is an IABC Membership anyways?

In this article, Kristin Hancock, the Director of Membership & Networking with IABC Manitoba, explains why it is important to become an IABC member. Besides the fact that "it looks darn good on a resume", keep reading for good reasons!   Sometimes you wanna go where everybody knows your name. Isn’t it so much better [...]

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Why volunteer?

Jordana Daum is the Volunteer Services Coordinator at IABC Calgary, and she shares her own experience to talk about some of the main benefits that she has had volunteering for IABC Calgary.   I began volunteering for IABC/Calgary three years ago and from day one it was, and continues to be, an infinitely rewarding experience. [...]

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2017 Gold Quill Awards now accepting entries

Are you ready to inspire and be inspired? Share your best work by entering the 2017 Gold Quill Awards program. As the premier program for communication professionals, Gold Quill recognizes excellence in communication and honors the dedication, innovation and passion of communicators on a global scale. For more than 40 years, IABC’s Gold Quill Awards [...]

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IABC Fellow nominations are open

The IABC Fellows Committee is now seeking nominations for the 2017 class of Fellows. The IABC Fellow designation is awarded each year to individuals who are recognized by their peers as outstanding leaders in the profession. What is an IABC Fellow? The designation is considered a professional lifetime achievement award. It is given to recognize IABC members who [...]

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New member-only resource: Managing the Communication Function, 3rd edition

Do you want to know the best examples and studies of business communications? Diane Gayeski, Ph.D., has earned an international reputation as a leading scholar, speaker, professor and consultant in communication management. He explains that this manual provides a road map to managing the new landscape of business communication and to your developing career. "Whether you [...]

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