Do you know a communication aficionado who wields knowledge of our profession like a sword of light? Someone who carefully balances the art and science of strategic communication producing results at every turn?

IABC Canada’s 2019 Master Communicator program is open for nominations. We’re hunting from coast to coast for the best of the best in the communication profession and we invite you to join us in our quest to discover and recognize awesome talent.

New for 2019:

More objective evaluation

In 2017, IABC international introduced a 7-point scale to evaluate nominations to the IABC Fellows Program making the process more objective and transparent. The rubric is similar to the 7-point scale used to evaluate awards entries, only customized to the Fellows program. This year the MC program will use the rubric to evaluate nominations and provide written feedback to all candidates.

Simplified process

Taking another page from the Fellows program, we are introducing a simplified process to nominate your rock star. Instead of investing countless hours preparing a package, we are providing a template covering each area of the evaluation criteria. Each section is limited in its word count, so you don’t have to write a novel. There’s more. Instead of gathering as many letters of support you can muster, support is limited to four people each writing to one section of the criteria, plus your own letter of recommendation.

Your nominee must be a member of IABC Canada and either accredited or certified

Now you know the requirements, you can very easily get started with your nomination.  Simply download the MC Package 2019 and you are ready to roll. Nominations close on September 23. Questions? Please email your 2019 Committee Chair, Claire Watson, ABC, MC at

Meet your 2019 MC Committee

Chair:               Claire Watson, ABC, MC

Past Chair:      Lynn Barter, ABC, MC

Vice-chair:      Martha Muzychka, ABC, MC, IABC Fellow

Members:       Cyrus Mavalwala, ABC, MC

Sue Heuman, ABC, MC

Ivan Muzychka, ABC, MC

Sue Ridewood, IABC Canada West liaison

Sherrilynn Starkie, IABC Canada East liaison

We thank these wonderful colleagues for stepping up to the plate for this year and everyone who has served on this committee in past years.