Congratulations to our incoming 2022/23 Board members! We ratified the slate last week at our AGM.

▶️ Sue Heuman, ABC, MC, IABC Fellow – IABC Edmonton – Past-Chair (automatic succession)
▶️ Bart Goemans, SCMP – IABC Calgary – Chair (automatic succession)
▶️ Richard Kies, ABC – IABC Saskatoon – Vice Chair
▶️ Marjorie Huculak – Manitoba – Director of Professional Development/Sponsorship (returning)
▶️ Danelle Wettstein, CMP® – IABC BC – Director of Administration / Board Secretary
▶️ Wendy Thatcher, SCMP® – IABC Calgary – Director of Finance
▶️ Heidi Abramyk, CMP® – IABC Saskatoon – Director of Communications
▶️ Tamara Gale – IABC Calgary – Director of National Programs
▶️ Roland Pajares, MA, CMP – IABC Manitoba – Director of Leadership Development
▶️ Amanda LeNeve, SCMP – IABC Edmonton – Director of Membership

And thank you to Past Chair Will Tigley, SCMP for your leadership over the past few years, as well as all our board members that are moving on to other pursuits!