Post-Conference Workshops

Join us for an extra day of learning after the Conference ! Expand your learning opportunity through highly valuable workshops and new one on one sessions with seasoned professionals in a variety of areas.

Tracks: CS = Communication Skills; L&S = Leadership & Strategy; M&B = Marketing & Branding; R = Reputation; E = Engagement

Morning Workshops 10:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
A. Equity Sequence™: A practical tool for increasing equity and inclusion in your everyday work (CS, L&S)
Dr. Kristen Liesch, Co-Founder, Co-CEO, Tidal Equality
Harshita Sandhu, Strategy, Policy, and Program Analyst, Intern Associate, Tidal Equality
Introduction: There has never been a more pressing need for organizations and people to succeed in their efforts to strengthen justice, equity, diversity and inclusion, but “gold standard” interventions like unconscious bias training – despite decades of use – have not succeeded in transforming inequitable systems and processes.

Objective: The team at Tidal Equality has worked to address this critical gap in the DEI solutions market, and on the back of several years of research, launched the Equity Sequence™️ in early 2020, which is now proving to be one of the most important innovations in the diversity, equity and inclusion space, and is disrupting systems of inequality around the world by equipping individuals to be agents for systemic change.


  • A simple framework you can use in your day-to-day life, a practice that, as one recent learner said, “touches your whole life.”

Jeff Dodds, COO of Virgin Media O2 says, “The results we’re seeing in our business are nothing short of staggering.”

Come learn how this powerfully simple set of five questions can be applied to identify and transform bias, discrimination and inequity – one question and one decision at a time!

B. Use data visualization to transform communications performance (CS, L&S)
Sylvia Link, MC ABC APR, Director, Marketing and Communications, RTOERO
Sid Ali, Communications / Managing Director, RAE Consult
Introduction: Research has the potential to improve our communication programs and advance business goals. But tapping into the full power of research relies on our ability to communicate research findings in transformational ways.

Objective: Communicator Sylvia Link and researcher Sid Ali will share best practices in using research and evaluation. Sylvia and Sid will share practical tips through a case study of a Gold Quill research award winner and other real-life examples.

In this interactive workshop, participants will:

  • Discover proven, innovative research strategies for every project and budget
  • Gain ideas for adapting – and improving – research strategies during the pandemic
  • Revolutionize your measurement efforts by focusing on results and impact
  • Understand how to use effective data visualization techniques to clearly communicate research findings
  • Learn how to find research allies and leverage research as a communication strategy
  • Brainstorm ways to transform your research into new communication products
  • Gain top tips for writing effective – and bias-free – survey questions
  • Gather practical tips and ready-to-use research tools
  • Learn techniques for engaging hard-to-reach audiences
  • Leave with valuable resources, including a diversity research toolkit and do-it-yourself communication audit
  • Gather a communicator’s research bookshelf with 20 top resources
Lunch Break 12:30 p.m. – 1:30 p.m.
Afternoon Workshops 1:30 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.
C. Fostering Indigenous inclusion in the workplace (L&S, E)
Juli Holloway, Director, Communications and Engagement, BC First Nations Justice Council
Davis McKenzie, Owner, Toxw oxw (Becoming Clear) Communications
Introduction: This session will help communicators understand how to develop communications strategies and tactics that resonate with Indigenous people and communities.

Objective: From campaign rollout to event planning, Indigenous communicators will help you expand your toolkit to ensure your organization is building strong relationships with Indigenous people and communities.


Participants will come away from this session with tools and ideas to:

  • Engage Indigenous people and communities, internally and externally
  • Build meaningful Indigenous inclusion into campaign and event planning
  • Ensure communications are respectful of Indigenous people, culture and worldviews
D. Creating the Engagement Experience: Moving From Delivering to Receiving Information (E, CS)
Tannis Topolnisky, Owner, Experience Creator, Topent Ltd 
Introduction: Communications and engagement, two fields of practice that are wildly different and intricately inter-related. Do you find yourself having to do engagement for projects you work on, and wonder, “Where do I start, what do I need to think of, who do I include and how do I make this a success?” This session is focused on what communicators need to know about meaningful and inclusive engagement.

Objective: In this hands-on, participatory workshop you will learn the essentials of engagement while experiencing different engagement techniques, adapted to the online world!

After completing this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Explain what public engagement is (and isn’t) and when to use it
  • Identify and connect with diverse, marginalized and often under-represented audiences
  • Identify tools needed for effective and meaningful engagement practices
  • Create communications messaging to support engagement
  • Motivate others to build and maintain trust in their organizations and projects
  • Identify the top five requirements to effectively plan, implement and influence decisions
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