Social media are undergoing some titanic shifts. While this field has never been stagnant, two trends that became apparent in 2016 will force organizations to rethink their social media strategies in the coming year, while challenging them to measure the impact of those strategies. A third trend will also lead communicators and marketers to rethink their approach to one of the more effective social media tactics of the past year.

The trends to pay attention to this year include:

  • The migration to messaging apps.
  • The surging use of live video.
  • The rise of micro-influencers.

The adoption of messaging apps as primary social media platforms and the sudden interest in live-streaming video have enormous implications for companies accustomed to counting the likes and shares their Facebook posts and tweets earn. While the typical metrics companies use to assess social media performance are questionable on the best of days—most likes are given by people inclined to like a lot of posts, for example—live video and messaging apps are going to complicate things in a big way.

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