The “Best of Show” webinar series is a global virtual learning experience that takes highly-rated sessions from the 2016 World Conference and brings them directly to you. We’re building on the success of this year’s event by offering you a chance to draw from some of the best presentations at the conference, and preview the kind of high-quality learning you can expect at the 2017 World Conference in Washington, D.C.

Choose from five outstanding webinar sessions—or get a discount and sign up for all five! The elite among our conference presenters are prepared to share their new ideas, best practices and innovative thinking with a global audience of thousands. Plus, these sessions are tailored to your specific needs. Sessions have been matched to IABC’s Global Standard and career paths, giving you the opportunity to map your learning.

Sessions are US$125 members/US$175 non-members. If you attended the 2016 World Conference, you get a 50% discount!

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