Do you want to know the best examples and studies of business communications?

Diane Gayeski, Ph.D., has earned an international reputation as a leading scholar, speaker, professor and consultant in communication management. He explains that this manual provides a road map to managing the new landscape of business communication and to your developing career.

“Whether you already are or hope to be a communication leader, there’s something in it for you. I’ve synthesized hundreds of studies that will help you understand and argue persuasively for the best practices in organizing, funding, assessing and leading a communication function. I’ve provided many actual examples of the approaches I’ve applied with my clients over the past several decades in my work “rewiring”—both conceptually and technically—the communication infrastructure. It’s full of real-life examples and templates, visual models that will help you synthesize complex ideas, and tools that you can put to use immediately whether you’re managing a small or large team. It will take you from high-level strategy to managing individual projects, and from framing your first management-level job to thinking about your next career move.”

Table of contents

Chapter 1: The Developing Role of the Communication Function and Its Leader
Chapter 2: Positioning and Funding the Communication Function
Chapter 3: Assessing and Engineering the Communication Infrastructure
Chapter 4: Developing Your Communication Philosophy, Strategy and Standards
Chapter 5: Managing Communication Plans and Projects
Chapter 6: Working with Outside Resources
Chapter 7: Demonstrating Value to the Executive Suite
Chapter 8: Moving Your Department and Your Career Forward

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