The digital age has transformed the way in which we as communicators do business. Evolving technology helps us create and send messages, stay in contact and network with other professionals, and also stay engaged with our employees. But does this explosion of digital technology live up to its expectations and help us do our jobs in less time with less stress?

Jeff Zwier, a strategic communication leader and consultant, explains what it takes to use these digital tools to your benefit. In an age in which technology is rapidly shifting and evolving, knowing how and when to implement the right solution for your needs can be difficult. In today’s organizations, says Zwier, technology has simplified a lot of our lives, but it has also created quite a bit complexity in the way in which we operate.

“Digital tools and the digital age in general have been absolutely disruptive and transformative to our field. It’s given us the incredible opportunity to connect in new and exciting ways and it’s given us more information everywhere,” Zwier shares in an interview with CW’s Associate Editor, Khyla Flores.

As the digital age continues to unfold, who better than the communication professional to master the tools that will not only improve their work quality, but also add efficiency and simplicity to their organization?

Watch the interview with the strategic communication leader Jeff Zwier, talking about how the digital age affects communications.


Post by Khyla Flores, associate editor for IABC’s content department.

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