joni1Joni Avram 

Principal, Cause & Effect Marketing


Joni is a lawyer by training who has been working in the court of public opinion for over 20 years. She began her career in politics working at senior levels of both national and provincial parties. She  was then recruited as a consultant at an international public affairs agency. She began Cause & Effect Marketing almost ten years ago to support leaders who are driving meaningful change in their industries and communities.

Her company has supported some of the most dynamic and successful people and organizations in Canada including W. Brett Wilson (one of Canada’s most well-known entrepreneurial and philanthropic leaders), Redrock Camps (Alberta’s fastest growing company in 2014), Yellow Pages Canada’s award-winning shop local movement, and scores of other not for profit and for profit organizations that have often doubled their revenues following their work together. 

Joni is a recognized leader in building strategies that motivate, activate, inspire, and engage. Her company was singled out by the SABRE Awards North America 2016, presented in New York City, for outstanding achievement in Brand, Reputation, and Engagement beating out the Michael J Fox Foundation, American Heart Association, and Travel Nevada.