Tips on How to Prepare a Master Communicator Nomination

A successful nomination tells the story of a communicator who has demonstrated excellence in his or her professional work, outstanding service to and leadership in IABC, contribution to and long-term support for the communication profession, and thought leadership.

How to submit your nomination
Note: Your nominee must be accredited as an ABC or certified as an SCMP
1. Prepare the nomination package – pay close attention to the requirements on page 4 of the Nomination Guide; be sure to address every section and stay within the required word count for each.

2. Working with your nominee, recruit four sponsors who will write a letter of recommendation, one each focusing on the following topics:

• Contribution to and leadership in organizational communication
• Career achievement
• Authorship, speaking, and lecturing
• Contributions to IABC

Sponsors should also address the nominee’s alignment with IABC’s brand values and personality. Your four sponsor letters are part of your submission package.

3. Write your letter of recommendation focusing on your nominee’s alignment with brand values and personality.
Your nomination package should contain the following material:

• Your letter of recommendation
• The nominee’s tombstone data and your written narrative
• The nominee’s current CV
• Four sponsor letters as noted above

4. Submit the package to the email address provided when nominations open.