You’ve already done the work, now it’s time to be recognized – apply! To apply to Silver Leaf Awards, please click here:

Tips: Make sure you meet the requirements!

Here are some useful tips to consider when applying to the Silver Leaf Awards. Remember that submissions can be disqualified if they are not completed (correctly).

Expert feedback that fuels your professional intellect 

Each entry will receive a comprehensive evaluation with scores and comments provided by consultation of two evaluators. All Silver Leaf evaluators are trained and highly qualified, and are drawn from a global pool. You’ll receive expert feedback that fuels your professional intellect and helps you grow your communication expertise. Imagine how you’ll impress your boss with new knowledge and competencies. It makes winning an award simply the icing on the cake.

Criterion is designed to make sure you receive a fair evaluation

The Silver Leaf score sheet provides objective evaluation. Reviewing the criteria will help you prepare a successful entry. Check out the Evaluation-Management-Sample Form, learn what evaluators look for, and write your work plan and work sample to meet the criteria.