Join us at our upcoming 2023/2024 Canada East Region AGM on June 19, 2024

May 29, 2024

As the year draws to a close, marking a year full of exciting changes that transformed our landscape at IABC Canada East Region, we are eager to see everyone at our Annual General Meeting on June 19. Join IABC CER’s current and incoming board members as we reflect on the year at our Annual General Meeting (AGM).

Proposed Slate: 2023/2024 IABC Canada East Region Board

Board Position Term Nominee
Chair 2nd of 3-year term
(automatic succession)
Kaleigh Maclaren 
Past Chair  3rd of 3-year term
(automatic succession)
Marie Fitzpatrick
Vice Chair 1st of 3-year term
(automatic succession in subsequent years)
Samuel Chen
Director, Finance  1 year returning for 3rd year  Linda Andross
Director, Communications 1 year returning for 3rd year  Vacant
Director, Leadership and
Professional Development
1 year with option for 2 Alyssa Long, CMP
Director, Member
2nd year 2-year term Alexandra (Ally) Sebben
Director, National Programs 1 year returning for 3rd year  Jaye Bowers
Chapter Presidents (7)

(As per the CER Bylaws, a voting position is also assigned to each of the seven Canada East Region chapter president) 

Coincides with chapter term/Automatic membership
  • IABC London
  • IABC Maritimes
  • IABC Quebec
  • IABC Ottawa
  • IABC Toronto
  • IABC Waterloo

The slate will be presented online for a vote at our virtual AGM on June 19, 2024.
Candidates standing for office for the first time are invited to join the CER AGM
and will have a few minutes to introduce themselves and answer any questions
board members may have about their nomination.

Comments and questions may also be sent in advance to Andrew Kaszowski, IABC
CER Past Chair at (

Meeting Documents:

IABC CER AGM & Transition-Board-Meeting Agenda June-19-2024

IABC CER June 2023 AGM Meeting Minutes