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Canada East

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We work to advance the profession & support communication professionals from Newfoundland to Ontario. We support IABC chapters, their members and leaders in our region.

2022-2023 Board of Directors

The region is run by a volunteer Board of Directors which includes representatives from each chapter in our region.


Andrew Kaszowski, CMP

Past Chair:

Paula Bernardino, SCMP

Vice Chair:

Marie Fitzpatrick, ABC

Director, Finance:

Linda Andross, ABC, MC

Director, Sponsorship:

Harshivam Bawa

Director, Communications:

Samuel Chen

Director, National Programs:

Jaye Bowers

Director, Professional Development:

Kaleigh Maclaren

Chapter Presidents

London : Cassandra Caranci

Maritime : Elizabeth Sutcliffe

Quebec : Marie Soleil

Newfoundland & Labrador : Glenda Power

Ottawa : Lauren Doty

Toronto : Michael Blackburn

Waterloo : Lauren Gerow

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