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2022 IABC World Conference

The 2022 IABC World Conference is back in-person. For the first time in three years, we will join together for learning and networking, this time in New York City! We want to highlight the many feats of communication, from inspiring others to leading change. Join us 26–29 June.

With dozens of global speakers covering today’s pressing topics, you can expect a diverse education experience from experts who are second to none in their field.

Plus, while enhancing your communications skillset, you can also develop professionally by networking and forming connections with other attendees and companies.

Learn more and register today at https://wc.iabc.com/.

Focus Forward, the IABC Canada West Conference was  held online October 25-27, 2021Focus Forward shone a light on unique time in history as an opportunity to:
  • amp up our leadership
  • influence the inclusivity of our profession, workplaces and societal systems
  • use research, data and evaluation to achieve results
  • reimagine the future of work, workplaces and communications
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