Proposed slate for IABC CER Board 2021-2022

May 28, 2021

Canada East Region members: Please find below the proposed slate for the Canada East Region Board for 2021-2022

Proposed slate for IABC CER Board 2021-2022

Board Position Term Nominee
Chair 2nd of 3-year term
(automatic succession)
Paula Bernardino 
Past Chair  3rd of 3-year term
(automatic succession)
Sherrilynne Starkie
Vice Chair 1st of 3-year term (automatic succession
in subsequent years)
Andrew Kaszowski
Director, Finance  1 year with option for 2  Deidre Taylor
Director, Communications 1 year with option for 2
(year 2)
Kaleigh Maclaren
Director, Professional Development 1 year with option for 2 (year 1) Andrew Kaszowski
Director, Sponsorship 1 year with option for 2
(year 2) 
Tricia Weagant
Director, National Programs 1 year with option for 2 (year 1) Dave Sumner
Chapter Presidents (8)

(As per the CER Bylaws, a voting position
is also assigned to each of the
eight Canada East Region chapter president) 

Coincides with chapter term/Automatic membership
  • IABC Golden Horseshoe
  • IABC London
  • IABC Maritimes
    IABC Montreal
  • IABC Ottawa
  • IABC Toronto
  • IABC Waterloo


The slate will be presented online for a vote at our virtual AGM on June 16, 2021.

Candidates standing for office for the first time will also be invited to join the CER AGM. Each person will have a few minutes to introduce themselves and answer any questions board members may have about their nomination. Comments and questions may also be sent in advance to Jo Ann Johnston at (