Meet our Members: Adam Rozenhart

March 19, 2023

March is Member Month at IABC, so let’s meet some of our members and find out why they chose IABC.

Name: Adam Rozenhart

Employer: Adverb Communications Inc.

Job title: Managing Partner & Strategist

Years in the communications profession: 18 years

How long have you been an IABC member? On and off for 13 years

What kind of IABC membership do you have? Basic membership

What’s your best IABC memory?

The wonderful annual Capital Awards events that IABC Edmonton hosts are always a favourite of mine. It’s an opportunity to connect with friends old and new and to celebrate the great work hundreds of folks do in this industry. It was also pretty neat to win Inspired Communicator of the Year back in 2022.

What do you find most valuable about your IABC membership?

I really value the connections it’s helped to create between me and other business communicators. I also love how it’s given me a lens on the work of new communicators coming out of communications and PR programs locally.

Which aspects of membership do you make use of and what do you find valuable about them?

For me, the thing I find most valuable about the aspects of IABC membership I use the most is connection. Especially as a business owner, it can feel lonely at times. IABC provides me with opportunities to connect with a community I might not otherwise be able to.

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