Meet our Members: Cherisse McLure

March 19, 2023

March is Member Month at IABC, so let’s meet some of our members and find out why they chose IABC.

Name: Cherisse McLure

Employer: I’m not currently employed but will be looking once I graduate.

Job title: PR Student at MacEwan University in Edmonton

Years in the communications profession: I have one year of volunteer communications experience with the New Dawn Métis Women Society.

How long have you been an IABC member? Six months.

What kind of IABC membership do you have? A student membership.

Are you certified (CMP, SCMP) or accredited (ABC)? What do you hold? Why is that important to you?

Not yet, but I plan to be one day! It’s important because it shows your professional commitment and sets an industry standard.

What’s your best IABC memory?

The first mixer I attended is my best IABC memory so far. I’ve never talked to so many people in one night! Everyone was so friendly and welcoming. It was exciting to talk with a variety of people in the industry and hear about their work.

What do you find most valuable about your IABC membership?

The networking events and mentorship are the most valuable things for me as a student. They’ve given me a lot of insight into the industry and helped build my confidence.

Which aspects of membership do you make use of and what do you find valuable about them?

I’m participating in the mentorship program and volunteering with the IABC social media team. The mentorship program is helpful because you are matched with mentors based on your career interests. I’ve learnt a lot from my mentor. It’s nice to have someone you can ask all your questions to and get feedback on ideas. He’s given me great advice on building my portfolio and even invited me to a media event with his PR agency. I’m looking forward to the cheers to careers event later this month, as its theme is setting yourself up for success and will have motivational speakers, resume reviews and mock interviews — all in time for my practicum search and graduation!

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